Who's In

Your First Name Challenge Level My Challenge  
Alexandria DIY I’m going to try and visit the farmers market first for my staples before going to the grocery store and only get fish and meat from local vendors. Dipping my toe - it’s hard because I don’t have a car but I will try!
Barbara Easy-Does-It Will be to eat all local.
Sullivan DIY Eat local as much as possible all week
Sherrie Easy-Does-It I'm going to buy and eat local food as much as possible.
Sue Easy-Does-It Winner!
Jennifer DIY Eat one locally sourced meal each day. And meat sourced completely locally.
Shell Easy-Does-It I'm going to try some local Thai!
Laura DIY Buy some local veg and produce. Visit beltex meat and visit Tuesday farmers mkt
Stephanie Easy-Does-It Eat local
Timna DIY Eat local.
Jesse Easy-Does-It Eat local
Andrea DIY Our household will eat as hardcore as possible, with just one cup of coffee a day... just to get us started! We have local flour from Lehi Roller Mills, Real Salt, and lots of homegrown and UT farm grown produce from the Wheeler Farm Farmers Market. Our 110 Mile Wheat Thins are already made for snacking and we are ready to roll with recipes like stuffed squash, BLTs, and corn chowder!
Sierra Easy-Does-It one week
Meme Hardcore We love the earth and nothing makes us happier than supporting our local farmers and using our dollars for good.
Brent Easy-Does-It Eat local
Tiffany Easy-Does-It I do like to support local grown food and I appreciate this motivation
Christine Easy-Does-It All of my breakfast smoothies are being made from fruit from local farmers.
Marggie DIY Eating more local produce. Especially because it is in season.
Luz Easy-Does-It Buy local produce at the farmers market
Mary DIY Eat local vegetables
Hannah Easy-Does-It I’m not sure what I’ll do yet, but I’ll try to buy local ingredients and come up with some new recipes based on those.
Rachel Easy-Does-It Buying my food, specifically meat and produce, from local business and making my own meals at home
Ammon Easy-Does-It Local fruit and veg
Muktha Easy-Does-It Eat local fruits and veggies
Lauren Hardcore I’m excited to finds,ore placeci can eat local
Lauren Hardcore I’m excited to finds,ore placeci can eat local
Becca Easy-Does-It Shop at farmers market
Sharon Easy-Does-It Most excited about getting to know local farmers!
Allison Easy-Does-It I’m excited for local fruits and veggies
Raddy Easy-Does-It Eating local veggies/ produce
Chris Easy-Does-It Have to have my coffee. I’m my gardening neighbors best friend— I take her zucchini
Melissa DIY Local vegetables
Amanda Easy-Does-It Replace most veggies with local
Sarah Easy-Does-It Eat local
Dawn Easy-Does-It Buy foods at farmers market Eat out of own garden
Leza DIY Eating farmers market food; and garden food%
Anna DIY Gluten free
Erin Hardcore Only local and support events
Sierra Hardcore EAT HEALTHY
Rachelle Hardcore Vegetarians. We’re going to go Vegan for the week.
Cheyenne DIY Produce
Marissa DIY Today I am going to eat locally at the farmers market. I am so excited to eat healthy.
Helen DIY Eat more local produce
Francesca Easy-Does-It We eat produce from at least 2 different farmers market a week. We will try to find another market this week
Nedeya Easy-Does-It Trying more local produce
Kuby Hardcore Went to farmers market and pleaded to cook with local produce.
Kasha Easy-Does-It I want to go to some local restaurants.
Stephanie DIY Our family will only eat local produce this week.
Cole DIY Eat local
Kim Easy-Does-It No coffee for one week
Katie Easy-Does-It Farmers market and trying to cut ou meat via local restaurants
Erin Easy-Does-It Farmers market food
Johna Easy-Does-It Farmers market
Arlinda Easy-Does-It Eat local fruits veggies
Charisse DIY Visited farmers market eat clean
Dylan Easy-Does-It I’m glad to support local folks and reduce a lot of the waste and mileage associated with bananas from Honduras or wherever
Laura DIY Eat only local and pasture/free range meats.
Jill DIY Eat 1 locally sourced meal aa day
Katie Easy-Does-It Eating Keto using local products, esp meat and eggs.
Michael Easy-Does-It To eat as many locally grown/produced products as possible.
Thomas Easy-Does-It Eat all local veggies, fruit, and dairy.
Tina Easy-Does-It I always eat local Except for coffee and olive oil
Badria Hardcore I want eat Healthier
Shana DIY I will try to find and shop at stores with more local foods.
Leslee DIY Eat produce from my garden, shop the farmers market
Leslee DIY Eat produce from my garden, shop the farmers market
Pam Easy-Does-It Eat local
Monika Easy-Does-It Cook and eat local
Sophia Hardcore Chocolate is the challenge but I already buy all of my produce local and quite a few groceries local!
Tonya DIY Eat local
Amanda DIY Eating only local produce.
Maureen Easy-Does-It Local fruit and veggies
Kevin Easy-Does-It Eat local and healthy
Kate Easy-Does-It This week I’m going to commit to only eating food I grow or that I purchase at the farmers market. If I do go out to eat, I’ll choose one of the amazing local restaurants that SLC has to offer!
Kate Easy-Does-It This week I’m going to commit to only eating food I grow or that I purchase at the farmers market. If I do go out to eat, I’ll choose one of the amazing local restaurants that SLC has to offer!
Alexis DIY We are going to challenge ourselves to learn more about what it means to eat local and it’s impact on our local economy and environment. We’re excited to try to incorporate at least one fully local meal each day.
Joanne Easy-Does-It Farmers markets Liberty park and Murray Park.
Annette Easy-Does-It Shopping local farmers markets and eating all local veggies and fruit!
Kelee Easy-Does-It I will eat 5 local produce items this week.
Rachel DIY Buy local food from the market and try to eat meals from local businesses/ restaurants
Heather Easy-Does-It We will be mindful to eat local this week and moving forward
Hannah DIY So excited! I am committing to eating all local produce and animal products; I can’t give up coffee though but I do buy from a local roaster!
Cathy Easy-Does-It Eat local fruits and veg
Tracy DIY Going as local as possible!
Megan Easy-Does-It I willet local food over move than I do now.
Stephanie Easy-Does-It All local fruits and veggies!
Angelo Hardcore No more coffee/sodas also
Ann Hardcore N/A
Paula Easy-Does-It I love doing this challenge every year. It helps me to really focus on where my food is coming from. I will go to the farmers market on Saturday and stock up on all of my meats and veggies for the week. I will include local food in every meal this week.
Kelee Easy-Does-It I will focus on eating fresh local produce this week
Cindy Easy-Does-It Going to buy and use as many local products as I can, We already buy many local products, and I am glad to see more all the time.
Amber Hardcore My girlfriend and I are planning to do it all out!
Shari Easy-Does-It I will be including more Utah meat and continue buying produce from the farmers markets and my CSA.
Michael DIY Eating as much as possible from home garden and plot at community garden, and farmers market. Looking at sources at all stores to get as much locally sourced food as possible.
Kimberly Hardcore I’m going all in this year! Why not? It’s the best time of year.
Ashlynd Easy-Does-It I am going to be doing the easy-does-it challenge. Im very excited because this is my first year doing the challenge, although I'm passionate about supporting local businesses, and sustainable food sourcing. I will also be writing an article on my experience, what I learned, and what I will continue to do in the future. My article will be written through Catalyst Magazine. So stoked!
Marybeth Easy-Does-It Will eat only local fruits and veggies, eggs, chees, meat and locally-made bread/pasta. Can't live without coffee but will drink coffee that week that's roasted locally. Olive oil only from Millcreek Olive Oil Co. or will use rendered fat from locally-sourced bacon. Local beer or cider :-)
Emily Easy-Does-It To get all of my veggies locally!
Kate Easy-Does-It Committing to cook 2 meals per day at home, and source my dairy and veggies locally.
Lindsey Easy-Does-It I plan to eat only local dairy and meat!
Shari Easy-Does-It I am excited to find mire local foods and enjoy the produce in season!
Supreet DIY Eat from my garden... as much as possible
Ashley Easy-Does-It Eat all veggies and many fruits from my garden and refrain from coffee for the week.
Jennifer Easy-Does-It finding new local products!
Ed Hardcore All in! Eating exclusively from the garden all week!
Paula Easy-Does-It Cook more!
Mike Hardcore We are going to keep it hard core this year with 90%+ local! Except... we are drinking coffee and tea. Love the line-up of activities, thanks!!!
Andrea Hardcore We are going to keep it hard core this year with 90%+ local! Except... we are drinking coffee and tea. Love the line-up of activities, thanks!!!
Maxine Easy-Does-It Eat local produce
Kayleigh Easy-Does-It Trying to eat local produce
Michelle Hardcore Only eat and support local!
Gwen Hardcore All local fruit and veggies!
Phil DIY Eat all local produce
Ayesha Easy-Does-It Being a health coach I truly understand yhe value of good diet. I am doing quite a few things right but would love to do more. Eating local is my utmost priority..I do eat local dairy pastures eggs n honey etc..but would love to eat more locally grown fruits n veggies such as onions tomatoes garlic ginger cilantro parsley etc since these are the things I need in my everyday cooking..
Grant DIY My garden feeds me.
Lisa Easy-Does-It Eat local through the week
Monika Easy-Does-It Eat local meals throughout this week
Tom DIY Eat local produce all week.
Fred Easy-Does-It Local produce
Vanessa DIY Just local vegetables
Krystal Easy-Does-It All local meat and veggies ?
Cyndy DIY Local produce
Sheri Easy-Does-It I'm excited to ask and learn about local food options at restaurants downtown.
Karina Easy-Does-It Eating healthy
Hannah Easy-Does-It I’m shopping now. I’m going to my local farmers amrley and eating more veggies!!
Gina Hardcore Eat nothing but local!
Tracy Easy-Does-It Trying new local produce
Jae Easy-Does-It I’m planning on only eating local produce
Toni Easy-Does-It As many local produce as possible
Lori DIY I pledge to eat only local fruit.
Paula DIY Eat only local fruits and veggies
Patti DIY Dinner every day
Cyinthia Easy-Does-It To always buy at the farmers market.
Megan DIY Eat only local fruit and mix other local items in at least once a day.k
Joyce DIY Just local produce
Barb DIY Vegan, organic, locavore all the way!
Joshua DIY I will use local ingredients to make and create recipes and dishes.
Jeanne DIY Eat Local when I can
Cathy DIY Lots of nummy food and recipes to make
Stephanie DIY Lots of farmers market shopping !!!?
Cecelia DIY Just local produce
Kelee Easy-Does-It Eat a local meal a day. I will include local lamb, Snuck Farms greens and local peaches his week.
Melissa Easy-Does-It To eat one local meal everyday
Tina Easy-Does-It Eat as local as possible all except olive oil and coffee
Ann Easy-Does-It N/a
Faustine DIY I’m going shopping at the Farmers Market for my groceries and eating at a local restaurant on Sunday night and I’m also going to buy some local coffee for my daughter at her event on Saturday morning to support USARA and addition awareness day on Saturday September 8th as well
Jude Easy-Does-It Participation.
Stephanie DIY Milk and eggs (and hopefully something else each day)
Doreen DIY To continue to source as much of my diet locally as possible
Greta Easy-Does-It YES local: Eggs. Cream. Milk (for homemade kefir). Lamb. Pork. Bone broth. Vegetables. Honey. (My nonlocal indulgences: Coffee. Coconut products. Avocadoes.)
Suzanne Easy-Does-It This week I plan to eat only local fruits and vegetables as well as local eggs. In addition, I'll add any other local goodies I can such as locally baked bread and jams.
Gene Hardcore Learning about more opportunities to eat local!
Tara DIY eat one entirely local meal a day
Michael Hardcore I'm going to try to do everything local! Bread, milk, butter, meat..... All the things.
Maggie Easy-Does-It Volunteering at the Universiry of Utah’s campus garden, buying local produce from farmer’s markets, picking apples with friends at a farm in Sandy.
Carson Easy-Does-It I'm going to incorporate produce from my garden every day and all my meat/dairy will be from the Farmers Market!
Gwen Hardcore As local as I can go!
Alison Easy-Does-It Everything from Utah with a few exceptions like spices, flax oil, oats....
Alessandra Easy-Does-It I am challenging myself to eat mostly local produce this week and be more conscious of my decisions at the farmers market and supermarket.
Rebecca Hardcore I am personally planning to be hardcore and only eat local produce, dairy, seasonings etc. We will be collectively an easy does it household. And I will be providing a daily all local snack/appetizer to my students at Sego Lily School to introduce them to the eat and buy local movement.
Nancy Easy-Does-It I would do hardcore, however, as a Foodie, Chef, and addict to coffee, chocolate and olive oil :( I will have to continue with my household standard of vegie centric, seasonal and local practice. .... the journey continues...
Paula Easy-Does-It I will purchase all local produce, dairy and some meat from local farmers and vendors
Lizzi Easy-Does-It I'm going to challenge myself to buy all of our produce, meat and dairy that we use at home from the Downtown SLC Farmers Market!
Julie Hardcore I'm going hard core this year, but can't force "hard core" on my whole family who will be in the easy does it category. My biggest fear is the lack of caffeine. Maybe Solstice, Crio Bru, Saveur, Ritual or Mezzo has a local- made chocolate bar that is made with espresso or green tea? Will that still count as local??