Packaged Food & Prepared Food Vendors




Information for Packaged & Prepared Food Vendors

Schedules & Information

Vendors can select a full time or half time schedule. Returning food vendors in good standing with the DFM are allowed first right of refusal for booth spaces. To be considered, food vendors must make the item(s) and must be properly licensed and permitted as per their specific product. In addition, it is preferred that produce and ingredients sourced at the market be utilised when possible. Preference is given to vendors that do not already have an existing retail location or mobile food business, and that offer diverse or unique products.

Bakeries and Packaged Foods

Food items that are prepared or processed in any manner before arriving at the DFM are regulated by the Department of Agriculture and must come from an approved commercial kitchen. It is the responsibility of the vendor to obtain all of the required permits and approval from the Department of Agriculture before vending in the DFM. A copy of the “Food Establishment Permit” must be provided electronically to Market Management and posted in plain view at the booth. 

Prepared Food Vendors

Food items that are prepared at the DFM for immediate consumption fall under Salt Lake Valley Health Department regulation and require a temporary event permit for each day product is sold. Electricity is limited in the park; therefore, it is preferable that vendors operate without using power or by using solar power. It is important that each vendor understands these regulations and the necessary steps for compliance before submitting an application. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT HAVE PREPARED FOOD VENDORS AT THE RIO GRANDE WINTER MARKET.

2020 Fees for Food Vendors

  • Application Fee — non-refundable: $35 Downtown Farmers Market and Winter Market/$15 Tuesday Market 
  • Packaged (including bakeries) and Prepared Food: 10% of daily sales

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