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The 27th Season of the Downtown Farmers Market Opens June 9, 2018!

The Downtown Farmers Market is proud to enter its 27th year as Salt Lake City's most beloved summer tradition for residents and visitors.
The Downtown Farmers Market exists to strengthen and support small local farms and businesses as they bring their products directly to the public. Our farmers and producers offer the freshest local fruits and vegetables as well as a wide variety of grass-fed meats, eggs, dairy, honey, and flora, along with the region's best locally made sauces, spreads, baked goods and culinary accouterments.



Where & How to Park

Here is the insider's scoop on where to park at the Farmers Market.

  • FREE PARKING at The Gateway: The Gateway has been gracious enough to offer free parking for market patrons! First hour is free, and validations for subsequent hours can be picked up any market info booth. We also offer a free valet service (see below) for your purchases so you don't need to carry packages to get your car.
  • Fruit and Veggie Valet: We have a special produce loading zone on 300 S., near the center of the block. Leave your purchases in our veggie valet, then go get your car.
  • 400 West: To accomodate the largest number of vehicles, we transform the 400 W. perimeter of the park to angled parking on Saturdays. If you park here, you must move your vehicle by 3pm.
  • Bike Valet: Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective provides a free bike storage for market patrons. The Bike Valet can be found on the corner of 400 South and 300 West. Don't forget your basket or backpack to tote home your fresh veggies and gifts.
  • Green Bike: take a Green Bike from any Green Bike station and park it at the Pioneer Park Green Bike Station, just across from Caputo's. 
  • Ride TRAX: There are 2  TRAX stops close to Pioneer Park (Old Greek Town, Planetarium) Call RIDE-UTA for schedules.

For an interactive map of the 25,000 available parking spaces downtown, please visit parkingslc.com.

For ADA accommodation, contact Alison Einerson at or M-F at (801) 328-5070.

Get Directions

Visit Google Maps to get directions to Pioneer Park, located between 400 West and 300 West / 400 South and 300 South.

Please note that this map is not easy to access on a mobile phone. You can click on the arrows top right of the map to open into a new window that enlarges the map.

Sponsor block 2017

Pioneer Park Safety

The Downtown Farmers Market is a dynamic and diverse shopping experience that is helping to transform an urban neighborhood. Safety is an important consideration for any urban setting. The Farmers Market Team and all our vendors care about your safety and security.

  • If you drive to the market, please lock your car and put all valuables in the trunk or out of sight.
  • If a panhandler approaches you a polite “no” is the best response to any request.
  • If you are walking to the Market from surrounding blocks, please be aware of your surroundings and take an interest in other patrons or the street environment.
  • If you see something say something. Farmers Market staff wear navy polo shirts with our Downtown Farmers Market logo. Please alert a member of  our team who can address whatever concerns you might have.
  • There are official Farmers Market booths midblock on the North and South sides of the Park.
  • A first aid booth is located in the center of the park.
  • The Downtown Farmers Market hires four Salt Lake City police officers to be on site for the duration of the market and also provides private security officers who patrol the park.
  • For a non-emergency police response, call 801-799-DNTN (3686) to speak to the sergeant in charge of the Downtown Bike Patrol. In an emergency please call 911.

Your decision to shop at the Market is helping to change the dynamics in this neighborhood. Thank you for your support.