Pioneer Park Safety

The Downtown Farmers Market is a dynamic and diverse shopping experience that is helping to transform an urban neighborhood. Safety is an important consideration for any urban setting. The Farmers Market Team and all our vendors care about your safety and security.

  • If you drive to the market, please lock your car and put all valuables in the trunk or out of sight.
  • If a panhandler approaches you a polite “no” is the best response to any request.
  • If you are walking to the Market from surrounding blocks, please be aware of your surroundings and take an interest in other patrons or the street environment.
  • If you see something say something. Farmers Market staff wear gray polo shirts with our Downtown Farmers Market logo. Please alert a member of  our team who can address whatever concerns you might have.
  • There are official Farmers Market booths midblock on the North and South sides of the Park.
  • A first aid booth is located in the center of the park.
  • The Downtown Farmers Market hires four Salt Lake City police officers to be on site for the duration of the market and also provides private security officers who patrol the park.
  • For a non-emergency police response, call 801-799-DNTN (3686) to speak to the sergeant in charge of the Downtown Bike Patrol. In an emergency please call 911.

Your decision to shop at the Market is helping to change the dynamics in this neighborhood. Thank you for your support.