Meet Your Farmer: Sun River Farm

Sun River Farm was founded in 1999, in Elwood, UT. It was purchased as an alfalfa field but the farmer, James Haggerty had different plans.  James grew up in Salt Lake City and with no formal farming training. He decided to become a farmer based on his desire to be self-employed and to live the phrase, "be the change you want to see in the world." Simple as that, Sun River Farmproper began under James' stewardship as 4.6 acres. Soon after, he expanded to a 1.75 acre home/farm in Mendon, UT for 8 years. James enjoyed these plots of land until 2011 when he sold the Mendon farm. Five years later, the Elwood Farm followed. James downgraded in size to found Sun River Urban, a 1/4 acre plot in Millcreek that his grandfather purchased in the 1980's.

James is currently the sole employee of Sun River Farm and he's loving it! "The philosophy of the farm is to produce incredibly delicious, unique, and amazing food, that is grown in chemical free, biologically active, remineralized soil," he says. James' offerings this year are much more limited in the past, but everything he brings to the marker is of the highest caliber. James comes to the farmers market because he loves to offer fresh, high quality produce to old friends, new friends, farmer friends, furry friends, the community, and everyone in between!

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