Meet Your Farmer: Bangerter Farm

Intermountain Gourmet was founded and continues to flourish in Ogden, UT. Adam Wong, the mushroom man, for lack of a more suitable name, is the exotic mushroom dealer you never knew you needed- until now. "I cultivated mushrooms on a small scale at home for several years before diving into commercial mushroom cultivation," says Wong. What started as a concept confined to his garage has grown into a 4000 square foot operation equipped with an incubation room, lab, production space, and fruiting rooms.

"I love working with my hands. The moment I saw mushrooms being cultivated I was hooked and dove into the science of mycology.  The more you learn about fungi the more you are fascinated by them." Wong professes. Adam and one part time employee have made it their mission to provide fresh gourmet mushrooms throughout the Intermountain region.

Wong's doing something different than his fellow Farmers Market vendors, "We cultivate fungus!  Its more like a biological manufacturing facility then a regular 'farm' as we have a lab and sterility is of upmost importance." He loves presenting a fresh variety of gourmet mushrooms every weekend including, several species of oyster mushrooms, Lions mane, Shiitake, and King Trumpet. As the season passes, market shoppers can expect Wong's fungal offerings to change.

"Eat more mushrooms!" Wong declares, "Mush Love!"