Meet Your Farmer: Sandhill Farms

Sandhill Farms is a family farm growing produce to organic standards in Eden, UT. Founded in 2005, the farm is known throughout the region for growing more than 30 varieties of specialty heirloom garlic and a diverse array of premium vegetables, herbs and flowers. The farmers behind the operation are exemplary stewards of the land.

Sandhill Farm's practices focus on long-term soil health, utilizing cover crops and green manure, composting, crop rotation and micro-irrigation as management methods. As a family business, they are dedicated to customer satisfaction and building long-lasting relations with their valued clients—local families, farm-to-table chefs and produce buyers—who support the farm's growing practices and the premium quality products. They're grateful for the opportunity to sell at the Downtown Farmers Market and humbled to be able to live their dream as caretakers of the natural world.

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