Market Sponsor: Wasatch Co-Op, Potluck Special

The Wasatch Cooperative Market is a member-owned association working to open a grocery store that sells high quality natural, healthy, sustainable foods, goods and merchandise, with an emphasis on local products. The Co-Op is in the feasibility and planning stage of opening a full-service grocery; in fact, they are just 86 Member-Owners away from launching a site search. The Co-Op's mission is to expand local farmers and artisans’ business opportunities for the benefit of both producers and consumers. The Co-op is dedicated to upholding sustainable practices and being community-owned. Consider becoming a member today!

Also, be sure to stop by the free Potluck Social hosted by Wasatch Co-Op happening on Tuesday, February 6th.

Learn more about the potluck here

Thank you to Wasatch Cooperative Market for being a sponsor and supporter of the Downtown Farmers Market and the Rio Grande Winter Market.