Meet Your Farmer: Daniels Farm

Dave Daniels began farming fruit trees on a half-acre plot in Brigham City in 1993. Twenty-four years later, Dave and his wife Carol are running one of the best fruit farms in the area and doing so on 13 acres! These two titans of agriculture take great satisfaction in their work and consistently bring beautiful products to the market.

The Daniels’ maintain an unshakeable dedication to taking the utmost care in the production of their crops. With only one employee and occasionally some helpful neighborhood kids, Carol and Dave are on the front lines of quality control at all times. “Our fruits and vegetables are picked fresh daily and need minimal storage, or no storage at all. Direct sales to local customers ensures freshness and quality,” says Carol.

Daniels farm isn’t just for growing juicy, fresh fruits, it’s also a place to make friends and appreciate the land. From local kids who help pick for pay to neighbors who just want to learn more about the farm, Dave and Carol Daniels welcome all to come and enjoy! “There’s an incentive to preserve fruit orchards that are fast being turned into neighborhoods. Owning and operating a small business, such as a fruit orchard, is very rewarding,” says Carol.

Expect to enjoy apricots, cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, Asian pears, apples, grapes, blackberries, and some vegetables from Carol and Dave's Farmers Market booth this summer.

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