Meet Your Farmer: Weeks Berries of Paradise

Weeks Berries of Paradise was founded by Mervin Weeks in Paradise, Utah in 1980. This farm has been a family operation since its conception with the help of Mervin's three sons. Now Mervin, Jarrod, Jess, and Joe work together full time to raise 120 acres of beautiful, fresh berries every season.

Farming and selling produce has been a part of the Weeks family's life experience for many years. Mervin received a Bachelors in horticulture and a Masters in plant science while his son Jarrod grew up farming and got his education in business. These gentleman have always had a desire to be self-employed while cultivating a strong connection to the land. Jarrod, one of the friendly faces at the farmers market, sites the thrill of producing something of worth as one of the major draws of his work. Worthy indeed, some of the best tasting berries in the region come from Weeks Berries of Paradise.

The Weeks grow many unique berries, including purple, black, golden and red raspberries. Their claim to fame might be their seven acres of blueberries, which can be very difficult to grow in Utah. In addition, they grow blackberries, strawberries, currants, gooseberries, peaches, apples, and cherry tomatoes. 

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