Meet Your Farmer: Parker Farms

Parker Farms is a seven generational farm in Hooper, Utah. As immigrants from England, the Parker family settled in a small agricultural town with the hopes of sustaining themselves at farmers. The land accommodated enough crops to feed the family and a small fleet of dairy cows. As the family's land expanded, the herd grew and the Parker family discovered their knack for dairy farming. As time went on and the government began meddling in milk prices, the producers struggle to make ends meet—dairy farms across the region suffered and were forced to sell out. The Parker family were, unfortunately, not excluded from that. Well, you know what they say; when one door closes... a transition to planting and harvesting produce was a natural growth for Parker Farms. Today, seven siblings share ownership of the 150 acre farm. On the backs of 20 people, the Parker family supply beautiful, sun-ripened produce every Saturday at the Downtown Farmers Market. Many of the workers, besides the Parker siblings, are local teens who return every year looking for work during summer vacation and to become fluent in the agricultural trade. Alan and Joann Parker are the faces of Parker Farms at the Farmers Market, ages 66 and 65 respectively, they are a vivacious pair who love providing fresh, organic, sun-ripened produce and fruit to every market-goer they come by!