Meet Your Farmer: BUG Farms

This is the first installment of our weekly series called, "Meet Your Farmer," which we hope will bring you closer to the people who are growing, harvesting, and raising the food you eat!

Backyard Urban Garden Farms, founded in 2010, is a small-scale, organically-grown, urban CSA farm based in the Glendale neighborhood of Salt Lake City. The concept behind B.U.G. aims to harvest a wholesome agricultural atmosphere in an urban landscape by turning large, unused backyard plots into gardens to feed the community. With just over an acre of land this small but thriving operation supports about 100 members. B.U.G. is powered by young, aspiring farmers with a dedication to providing beautiful, fresh produce on a hyper-local scale. It continues to act as an incubator for young farmers through employment and a work-trade volunteer program. Through their work on the farm, the employees form into a generation of farmers equipped with the experience and knowledge to run ethical, successful farming businesses.

The current owners Carly Gillespie and Coleman Riedesel purchased the farm in 2015 and have since used their experiences as farmers and business owners to nurture the project, as well as provide a learning space for future farm owners. Say hello to Carly and Coleman and ask about their commitment to sustainable practices at the Downtown Farmers Market.

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